First, an introduction…

Hi Everyone!

After my Stage IV diagnosis I had told you I would stop sending out regular medical updates by email – and instead only give updates when asked.

What I didn’t realize was how many people cared & were curious to know the latest news on me but… found it difficult to ask me for an update.  I have since discovered that this discomfort in asking (& the ensuing not knowing how I was doing) really worried some people.

So learning from that lesson & learning from some INCREDIBLE role models I have met in the fellow patient world, I have started a blog to post updates.

Unfortunately, all the best clever “semi-colon” blog names were already taken by other colon cancer patients (doh!), so instead, in tribute to two of the most incredible role models & friends I have met in the fellow patient world (Linnea Duff & Marie Pechet) and the essential roles they have played in my own cancer journey, in their honor I am combining their blog names, “Adventures in Spiritual Living” and “Life and Breath: Outliving Lung Cancer for the Terminally Optimistic” into my newly created blog: “Adventures in Living Terminally Optimistic

If you are interested in hearing the latest Tom news you now will have a new option.  1.) I’m still happy to continue to update anyone 1-on-1 either in person or by email – ask me anything, any time, I love talking oncology including my own! 2.) Now a new easier option: Sign up on the blog to receive automatic emails of new blog post titles when I post them. That way you have the power to choose to follow my journey if you want to (i.e. know when there are updates) and if you choose to follow, for each new post, you can choose whether or not to click on the Post’s Title link to read.

I only plan to post on occasion to let you know how I am doing, give treatment updates etc.  (and I’ll probably sprinkle in some new oncology target/drug news that I find cool too – I can’t resist!)

In a nutshell, I continue to have ZERO disease symptoms (only side effects from the chemo) but this week I needed to meet with my oncologist in order to strategize & decide on new treatment strategies. For more details, you can either read the blog or ask 🙂

The first blog post page is here:

Please feel free to forward this email/the blog address (I know I missed people).  Also please feel free to friend me on Facebook if you want.  On Facebook, I keep politics & treatment details to a minimum and pictures of us & the kids trying to live to the fullest at a maximum!

I am both an eternal optimist as well as facing “currently incurable” Stage IV CRC.  In other words, my life is currently “The Adventures in Living Terminally Optimistic”.  Long Live Life!


7 Comments on “First, an introduction…

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