And Now For Something Truly Unexpected… Melanoma

Just a brief update that I really wasn’t expecting to give, until a phone call arrived a short while ago.

I was diagnosed with melanoma today – so far it looks like it is only localized but please pray/send me positive vibes that the sentinel lymph node biopsy turns out good (i.e. no spread beyond the primary small mole that was diagnosed).

Statistically, since the melanoma spot was small/thin it looks like only a 5% chance that it has spread to the lymphs… so unlike most of my CRC journey, stats are actually in my favor but I have to admit, I did not see this coming… when it rains it pours…

One good aspect of facing Stge 3C/4 CRC for almost 3 years now – nothing phases me anymore… I’m going to stay positive & take things in stride until the biopsy.

13 Comments on “And Now For Something Truly Unexpected… Melanoma

  1. Thoughts and prayers are on their way, Tom. May all your news about this be good news.


  2. BTW, 2 types of cancer & zero symptoms/I feel fine! Seriously! That must be some kind of world record! Comparing the genetics of my 2 cancers would be very interesting to try to find shared causality… I’ve never heard of simultaneous CRC & melanoma before……. Sounds like a good research project. But hopefully a project comparing a Stage IV CRC with a Stage I melanona…


      • Thanks Connie! I’m meeting with the surgeon on Wed – I’m guessing on results in a couple of weeks…


  3. Definitely raining down the positive vibes your way. Hopefully the sentinel node is clear and all is contained. Cannot wonder if this progression was related to Tx and selection pressure – especially if there is a similar drive like BRAF or NRAS/KRAS in each. Keep me posted. Still shocked to hear of this development.


    • Scientifically it is very interesting Eric! Synchronous CRC & melanoma is quite rare. My CRC tumor is p53-mutant (but BRAF/KRAS/NRAS wildtype). Makes me wonder if mechanism is due to a messed up tumor suppressor like p53 throughout my genome making me incredibly predisposed to cancer. It would be very interesting to compare the genome of my CRC tumor, melanoma tumor and normal tissue……..


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