The Ultimate Team Sport

Just a quick post to say that the “Spring Sprint” Team Triathlon (my participation was organized by UCSD Moores Cancer Center) was a great experience this morning!  Patient/Moores Cancer Center triathlon teams have been organized for years now and I think it is a wonderful experience for everyone involved!

A Very Good Day on the Battle Front_Sprin Sprint Triathlon

A big part of being a cancer patient is trying your hardest to not give up in the face of adversity.  In that way it is very similar to endurance sports.  This is what makes the Moores organization of these triathlon teams such a cool idea – it gives the patient a sense of making an accomplishment against the odds and I believe it is also inspirational to the Oncologists, Oncology Researchers and others affiliated with the Cancer Center who are their teammates to compete alongside a cancer patient, especially one who is actively undergoing treatment.  This is why I consider this the Ultimate Team Sport!

One of my teammates today is a researcher at the Cancer Center developing new oncolytic viruses to fight CRC – i.e. artificial viruses that are designed to selectively seek out and destroy cancer cells in the human body.  How cool is that?  Oncolytic viruses are an amazing & very cutting edge technology (I may even do a oncolytic virus clinical trial one of these days!) so I should probably devote a full post to explaining this really amazing type of immunotherapy!  My other teammate, more loosely affiliated with the Cancer Center, just got back from a zoological research trip to the Galápagos, once again, how cool is that? Can you tell I love science, not just oncology? 🙂

I have to admit, my run today was slow – but I met my goal of finishing it without any breaks – even though it was tougher than some of the much longer runs I have done in my past…  The best part of the entire morning however was running by my family with the girls cheering me on, jumping up & down with their homemade “Go Daddy” signs.  Seeing & hearing that completely inspired me to neither back down from the challenging run or anything else in my life – it brought tears to my eyes to see them so excited to cheer me on!

I pasted below some photos from the event.  Most are self-explanatory – but of special note, in the Moores Cancer Center team photo, the man next to me in yellow is both my personal oncologist extraordinaire (an amazing guy!) as well as the primary organizer of the Cancer Center involvement in these team triathlons.   So I am very thankful to know him for multiple reasons!

After the good scans on Friday, celebration fun with some of our best friends this weekend, capped off by getting up at 4:00 AM this morning for the team triathlon – I think I will sleep very well tonight! To Life!

2015-05_Team Triathlon_1 2015-05_Team Triathlon_6_Cropped

2015-05_Team Triathlon_4_Cropped 2015-05_Team Triathlon_5_Cropped

5 Comments on “The Ultimate Team Sport

  1. Great job on the triathlon!! Your blog was very inspiring! You have a beautiful family! Love their sign they made for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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