Lung RFA #2 – On the Treatment Flight

Just a quick update that my radiofrequency ablation (RFA) lung surgery #2 this morning was a success!  It looks like another two lung tumors were successfully fried to a crisp – one more step forward on the overall therapeutics + surgery treatment path I wrote so excitedly about last week!.  I’m determined to enthusiastically attack this disease from multiple directions – as the nurses in pre-op saw bright and early this morning 🙂

RFA #2 – On the Treatment Flight-Pre-Flight

Unlike the first lung RFA I had last June, this one has been slightly more painful & a bit rougher (but not too bad!).  I have a minor complication called a “pneumothorax”.  Since probably 99% of you hit that link to find out what the heck a “pneumothorax” is and subsequently 99% of you are probably a bit panicked for my safety right now… yes “pneumothorax” is a fancy word for “collapsed lung”.  But like most things in life, there is a spectrum and so far it appears to be just a minor pneumothorax in my case.  Aside from some pain from a chest tube that needs to be in for now, I would have absolutely no idea I had this complication if they hadn’t told me!  As of right now, I still hope to be home on Friday.

Staying in a hospital is never fun but I’ve kept myself occupied and distracted by my usual “various projects” while I’m here.  I actually do most of my writing projects while undergoing treatments such as my weekly infusions – and surgical recovery is no exception as I have been trying to work on September’s The Currently Incurable Scientist column.

RFA #2 – On the Treatment Flight_Post-Flight#4

Where did the title to this post come from?  I was joking with a friend via text after waking up in post-op about the joys of hospital food.  I compared it to airplane food except this was hopefully the Flight to Remission.  Although my overall goal is remission, it felt a little too cocky to put that as a title. But for the record, airplane food is better.

Thankfully I plan to be home soon 🙂

RFA #2 – On the Treatment Flight_Post-Flight#2


12 Comments on “Lung RFA #2 – On the Treatment Flight

    • If I understood the Doc correctly, usually it fixes itself via the help of the chest tube but keep fingers crossed, there will be indications whether that is happening or not Friday morning…


  1. I’m amazed and enheartened by your persistent optimism. Please keep us updated on your recovery. I’ll see you back in the lab soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for checking out my blog all the way from India Dr. Kumar. If you read the other entries, you’ll see that I actually have colon cancer which has metastasized to the lung, not lung cancer. For the non-MD readers, these situations have similar surgical interventions but completely different medical treatments since the cancer cells themselves are of colon origin.


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