A Day of Giving

1 in 20 Americans will hear the words “you have colorectal cancer (CRC)” this year. In America alone, it will cause 50,000 deaths in 2015.

Currently there is no cure for inoperable Stage IV CRC although CRC is preventable/highly curable with proper medical surveillance (early colonoscopies if you have a Family History of CRC or if you are in an age based risk group). CRC can also at times be highly curable when caught early enough (e.g. via ASAP colonoscopies due to appearance of symptoms NO MATTER YOUR AGE once simpler symptom causes are ruled out).

Today’s organized day of giving for many charities called “#GivingTuesday”, reminds us that the Holiday Season is about giving to others, not receiving, I wanted to respectfully mention three CRC organizations that I am directly involved with for your giving consideration. No amount is too small.

Just as there are multiple facets to how I personally approach my own colon cancer (as Patient-Scientist-Advocate) – the various facets of these organizations, although different from one another, compliment each other in the big picture.  Each is important in its own way, to achieve the overall goal of helping fellow CRC patients, their family/caregivers and even the general public avoid/CURE a CRC diagnosis.

They also directly help me since I am a part of the CRC Family now – and all three organizations from top leadership downward do feel like family now!  I very actively support all three organizations but perhaps one or another will speak to you more… – or perhaps all three will speak to you as well!

Colon Club

The Colon Club is an amazing organization which has played a key role in advocating for young age CRC patients – both in supporting those with CRC as well as preventing more from occurring.  The Colon Club led me to LIVE life to my fullest with Stage IV disease. It changed me as a survivor & a man. It also was the catalyst which started all of the ever expanding patient advocacy actvities I have done this year. I can’t say enough about them – I become a new person, for the better, after I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of their 2016 Colondar 2.0 and attend the associated CRC survivor retreat in June. That full story is found here.  It was only through the Colon Club that I become connected to the next organization on my list, their partnership-organization: Fight Colorectal Cancer! For these and many more reasons, please consider a ‪#‎GivingTuesday donation to the Colon Club: https://colonclub.com/ (and then hit the “Donate to” upper right hand corner button)

An Unrealized Love of Writing Expands_Fight CRC Pic

Do you enjoy or find helpful my The Currently Incurable Scientist monthly CRC science/clinical trial column? Are you hopeful in the unprecedented CRC and Immunotherapy expert roundtable being convened tomorrow to hopefully map a course to effective immunotherapies for MSS CRC? Fight Colorectal Cancer is the leading CRC advocacy group focused on educating patients on treatment options, research & the science of CRC — as well as focused on impacting research policy and prioritization. My column and their co-sponsorship/organization of the largest CRC-immunotherapy expert roundtable ever generated (tomorrow!)  are perfect examples of their mindset & the role they play among the various CRC organizations. For these and many more reasons, please consider a ‪#‎GivingTuesday donation to Fight Colorectal Cancer: https://give.fightcrc.org/checkout/donation?eid=26925

WunderGlo Foundation Wunder Project and WunderGlo

Do you share my enthusiasm for: science, focus on a CURE for CRC and LOVING LIFE (#ToLife! #LoveLife)? The WunderGlo Foundation & its Wunder Project were started with those attributes and that vision of their incredible founder Gloria Borges (WunderGlo) when she was diagnosed with inoperable Stage IV CRC. It is a 100% CURE FOR CRC research focused organization – all dollars raised support the research of a leading CRC global research expert Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz (Co-Leader of the GI Cancers Program at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center) and his worldwide collaborators. Their exclusive goal is to find a cure for CRC. Although the project is multi-faceted, one of his group’s specialties is reprogramming CRC “stem cells” (which act as hidden reservoirs resistant to treatments) to make them susceptible to other therapies – from chemotherapy to immunotherapy.  I share a very similar mindset on multiple levels to both their founder Gloria as well as their current leadership – so I was proud when they offered to rebroadcast my Adventures in Living Terminally Optimistic blog on their website as well as give me the honor of being chosen as one of their “Wunder’s Warriors” Please consider a ‪#‎GivingTuesday donation to The WunderGlo Foundation: http://www.wunderglofoundation.org/donate-punch-cancer-in-the-face

Thank you for your consideration & support of CRC on this #GivingTuesday.  To Life!



3 Comments on “A Day of Giving

    • Indeed true T! I reworded the beginning to try to make it more clear. Even if you are young AND/OR even if you have no family history of CRC – IF you have GI-symptoms that are not explained by easier to make diagnoses, then push hard to get a colonoscopy as soon as possible. IF you have cancer, the early it is diagnosed, the better off you will be!


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