Go Blue!

The CT-guided lung biopsy mentioned in my previous post was completed today at the University of Michigan without complications! It is intended to provide both DNA and RNA sequencing data for my personalized immunotherapy project – so I was bouncing with excitement when I entered the CT-scanning room this morning.

I was surprised on the table to find out I would be wide awake for the entire procedure.  That + starting to picture the small chance of needing an emergency  chest tube insertion in case of complication curtailed my bounciness – but only by a little! 🙂 It is definitely a “unique” experience to have a needle inserted slowly into your chest wall and then into your lung without even sedation.  The doctor did a fine job however and with the help of lidocaine it was surprisingly painless.  Just mentally weird! 🙂

When they pulled out the first tumor sample, I started telling them from the table “You’re immediately cryopreserving that for RNA right?!?” I don’t think the doctor had ever been asked that before… 🙂 The ultimate personal therapy micromanagement! haha

In the end, they obtained six tumor samples!

Overall a slightly bizarre experience but I think will be successful. Fresh DNA and RNA sequencing data should be available in 4-6 weeks! Then that data will be put to good use… 🙂

A successful trip to Ann Arbor – Go Blue!


16 Comments on “Go Blue!

  1. Go Blue, I’m from Michigan. While I graduated from UW and am a Badger fan, UW has always been number 1.


  2. Hooray Tom! I’m so very excited and happy for you that this part of the ride is done and let the new one begin – well in a few weeks. We’ll keep praying that they find the perfect immunotherapy for you. Now we need to find one fast for Jim as his CT Scan sucked! We’ll learn what new “goo” they’ll be giving him tomorrow but there are only a couple of choices. We’re taking it one step-at-a-time and praying tons for all CRC and other cancer folks too, of course! Cheers!


    • Hi Becky – If you’re on Facebook, PM me what the new plan for JIm is – sorry to hear about the sucky CT…


  3. Go Blue Tom. So excited for the next steps.
    Feels like a moon shot moment!

    The possibility of science and technology is amazing.


  4. Well done, Tom!!! This is super cool! I love your comment to the doctor. I bet he was taken aback. Although, as a Spartan, I can’t say go blue(i just did), I think you are a mighty Wolverine! Heal up and then do some fun stuff!


  5. I appreciate your good spirits. I am amazed, I am wild kras and vectibix is the next line of defense, xeloda failed. I want the quality of life back, and no more side effects, so I don’t think I have the strength for the treatment.


  6. Hi, Tom
    My husband got CRC and now is the 4th year we had been coping with it. Your spirit inspires us to be stronger and we are running the same marathon.
    All the best!


  7. Dear Tom,
    many thanks for your reply.
    I wish you from all of my heart that everything goes as you wishes.

    You are doing great job sharing all your experience with us.

    I do not want to bother you but maybe, maybe by any chance you could send me the contact details to the place where your RNA tests are being done?
    I know that it would be very very expensive to do such tests it but I think that this is the only chance for my husband and I have made a promise to myself that I would do everything what is possible to help him to be cured. However I will understand if you cannot give me any contacts.

    Once again thank you for your blog.



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