STAT News: A cancer researcher races to find a cure — for his own incurable cancer

Photo graphic courtesy of STAT News, Photo by James Cuevas

I hear questions all the time for an update on my personalized “neoantigen” immunotherapy research project – a project I first wrote about in blog format last February.

If you want to know a broader view (both historical background and current status) about our quest to cure both my own MSS-CRC & efforts to lead the way for fellow MSS colorectal cancer patients as well – one of the premier healthcare & research news sites (STAT News) has just published an incredibly well-written feature story on what is now in motion in our San Diego immunotherapy research labs.  Preliminary research on my own cancer is a current focus   (I’m a lab rat) and then hopefully in the future, expanding to as many additional MSS-CRC patients as possible.

The research is being led by the brilliant immunologist Dr. Stephen Schoenberger at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in collaboration with the University of California – San Diego (UCSD) Moores Cancer Center and Craig Venter’s company Human Longevity, Inc.

Click here for the project’s story – its historical background and current status – written about publicly and professionally for the first time.

I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given!  A serious goal of mine is to use the science learned from my case to help as many fellow MSS-CRC patients as possible.

Things are starting to get this mad scientist pretty excited 🙂 We’re getting closer and closer to clinical trial stage… Stay tuned… the future is now.



2 Comments on “STAT News: A cancer researcher races to find a cure — for his own incurable cancer

  1. Thank you Tom for sharing this exciting news and for giving those of us involved in the colon cancer family something to pray for and look forward to having success! Jim is starting his new “therapy” this week as his second round of FOLFOX didn’t work. The cancer is spreading rapidly – too many new cells to even count. While that was very discouraging to learn, we turned around and looked at the positives. His doctor read the article I obtained (from reading the news presented at ASCO this year) about the clinical trial for Keytruda. Jim will be receiving what I call the sister drug Opdivo. She has had success with this drug with another colon cancer patient. We are very excited about this because we too realize anything is better than nothing and this wasn’t even an option for Jim earlier this year. I truly want to personally thank you for helping me as the caregiver continue to ask tons of questions as well as researching daily and pushing for more options for my husband. Discovering your site was bashert!

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