Excited for 2017!

I had hoped to start 2017 out with a full personal update blog post but there are so many intertwined parts currently in motion (and things currently unclear being clarified!), that a full post will have to wait for just a bit longer!  It has been a very hectic & significant past few weeks and I think January will follow suit.  As always, follow my (public) Facebook feed if you want more up to the moment updates in-between blog posts!

But one thing I did want to say this morning:  I don’t know about you but I woke up in a GREAT mood today, excited & ready for 2017!   I think it will be a MOMENTOUS year in both my life and in the world of continuing CRC scientific advances! And each momentous year of scientific advances brings us another step closer to everyone’s goal: a CURE!

Here’s wishing to everyone a 2017 filled with many moments of happiness, gratitude and excitement!

To Life!



9 Comments on “Excited for 2017!

  1. I’m so thankful to make it to 2017! I was diagnosed Stage 4 in 2010. Thanks Tom for taking the time and work to make all this available to others and sharing your story. Thanks to you doing this, I should be starting the same clinical trial as you on February 2nd but in Indiana. Best of luck to you!


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