Just a short IMMUNOTHERAPY CLINICAL TRIAL update post today-

The phone call just came in last night: The Clinical Trial Countdown Clock has officially started!

As a reminder, here is the Phase 1b trial I will be participating in: “Phase I Study of Enadenotucirev and PD-1 Inhibitor in Subjects With Metastatic or Advanced Epithelial Tumors (SPICE)” (NCT02636036)

The pre-trial process at City of Hope Cancer Center up in LA will start on Feb. 1st (biopsies, scans etc) – so I will be commuting back and forth a number of times in the month of February for that pre-trial prep work.

Then at the end of the month, we’ll have launch!  Three infusions of TRILLIONS of genetically engineered oncolytic viruses specifically aimed at my CRC tumors will happen on Monday 2/27, Wednesday 3/1, and Friday 3/3!

PD1 inhibitor immunotherapy infusions will start shortly thereafter.

I won’t recap all the science again (see the link below where I discussed it in October) – but in general terms… The oncolytic virus is intended to: preferentially replicate in CRC tumor tissue; break down that tissue; catch the immune system’s attention (viruses are very good at that!), make the tumors highly inflamed (i.e. convert immunologically cold MSS-CRC tumors into “hot” tumors), and increase immune T-cell infiltration into the tumors.

Then once the tumors are inflamed and have T-cell infiltration… hit them with PD-1 inhibitor immunotherapy to release the brakes…


The more complete story from October on what exactly this trial is and why I am doing it is at this link! MY VERY OWN CITY OF HOPE: MSS-CRC CLINICAL TRIAL #1

Time to take my first swing for the fences – it may or may not be the game winning swing (there is a good chance I might need more than one) but there has to be a first!

I’m thrilled the countdown to trial start has finally started!


  1. Hi Tom! I am sending healing thoughts everyday as well as hope, strength, and energy. Take care!


  2. I feel your excitement, and we, in the CRC community, appreciate all that you do for us, including participating in this significant trial. God speed as you have “lift-off”!

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  3. Wishing you, your loved ones and your medical team the very best. We are so grateful for your work and clear writing about your journey and the ways so many of us benefit from your generosity.

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  4. I Love this trial – Very promising , Tom! My thoughts are with you… I wonder what are the preliminary from phase Ia? It just must work well! Hugs and victory wishes for you, my optimistic scientist! Stella


  5. Happy to see you getting started on the trial.
    Blessings for amazing success, Tom.
    Thankful for your support and sharing the HOPE ♡


  6. Wishing you complete success on this journey! Thank you for your generous sharing, it means so much. Heat up those tumors and then blast ’em out of the park!!


  7. Tom, I continue to marvel at your amazing outlook on your continued perseverance in doing whatever you can, for your good, but also for the others who are challenged by CRC. May your travels back and forth to the hospital be as comfortable as they can be, the medical staff on their A game, and your body’s ability to handle this new trial stay strong. May God be with you and your family. Nancy


  8. Tom,

    Great news! Please keep us posted.

    We spent Xmas/NY’s with family in South America cruising waters off Argentina, Uruguay, Chile + Falklands.

    We ALL send YOU ALL xxxs and OOOs!

    Hope to see you next summer,



    louise.leestma@protravelinc.com home (no voice mail) 312 285-2765



  9. Awesome – you are an inspiration to all of us who are affected by this life challenge. May the trial be kind to your body and spirit.

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