2017 Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March 1st is the beginning of Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. I chose to commemorate it in this way – in the hopes that these pictures will bring awareness of the EXPLOSION in early-onset CRC cases.

If you have GI symptoms with more common causes ruled out by your PCP – NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE – demand a colonoscopy!

If I had been faster, I might not be Stage IV right now.

Good, close friends of mine die of early-onset CRC literally EVERY MONTH. I mourn every one of them – a CURE MUST BE FOUND! Thankfully MSS-CRC is an intense area of drug discovery research right now, we are getting closer to a cure every day! There is scientific Hope that the tide is turning!

Here are (just a small number of extra special close friends) who died of early-onset CRC since last March 1st. I cried for each of them & for their loved ones… I still do. Flip through their pictures: Nathan, Alex, Danielle, Marie, Colin, Leta and Kenny…

I miss you all so much, each & every day. They are just a few pictures of early-onset CRC...

Me and Nathan




Danielle and I


Marie and I




Nathan and Kenny




Photo courtesy of The Colon Club/Mark McCarty

7 Comments on “2017 Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

  1. “It’s probably internal hemorrhoids” seems to be a common explanation, and I said, “Probably is not good enough.” I pressed for a colonoscopy. My Stage IV rectal cancer was discovered with a digital exam by my surgeon’s PA who was accessing me to see if the colonoscopy needed to be scheduled sooner or later. What if I had believed that it was internal hemorrhoids?


  2. I was also told by my gp that it was probably internal hemorrhoids. When it didn’t stop, I got a colonoscopy. My Stage iv colorectal cancer was sugerically removed Sept 1 2012.
    I have been on various chemodrugs since, third trial. Those pictures made me cry.


  3. January 31st 2017 was particularly terrible. MSS-CRC Stage IV sucks. A 3 year 9 month battle for my wife. I miss you Kath.


  4. Yes, internal hemmorhoids told as diagnosis as well. This false hope led me to delay colonoscopy for 9 months. Diagnosed stage 4 MSS colon cancer with mets to liver and lungs July 2014 at age of 49.


  5. My husband actually has appendiceal cancer but colon cancer is its closest relative and he was told that it must be what he was eating and the military docs didn’t think it odd at all that he had recurring urinary tract infections, with blood and mucus. It cost him his bladder, portions of colon, prostate… The cancer spread to his lungs where it is at this point incurable and continuing to double around every 30 days despite active chemotherapy. My husband is 41 and in the process of exiting the US Air Force. Too young to die, yet dying.


  6. Too young at any age; my husband had diarrhea which he’s never had; his pcp told him he only had a slight reading after his blood tests; “anemia,” and to take iron, other than that, he’s perfectly healthy in his mid 60’s. So we took iron for awhile, pcp wanted another blood test, called and said, “you’re in the low to normal range, that’s good.” You’re good to go. It was my birthday trip, and we were at the airport when pcp called. My hubby said he still had diarrhea, I said let’s go back to pcp, did 2 stool test, 1 pos & 1 neg, so THEN pcp said go to gi for colonoscopy, finally, shocking stage 4 colon cancer. In 2011 told pcp to do ANYTHING my precious hubby needs for a complete check up, and he never gave my precious husband a colonoscopy. Being a champion retired athelete, he doesn’t even take any medication, cadio doctors say he has a heart of a 40 year old still today; but for colon cancer, my hubby’s healthy, and has always been a happy health nut, and taken great care of our health… Never smoked, no alcohol, no drugs, extremely athletic. We’re not with the old pcp & his gi doctor that made a colonoscopy appointment weeks after we called him!!! Terrible group of doctors, that we had for years; they’re fine when there’s nothing wrong. They’ve killed both of us, and now someone’s changed old medical reords to read my hubby was told to get colon scope. Protecting their own butts as board certified doctors, but not my Soulmate’s Life. Life’s tough, but I’ve decided to be like the old TimeX watch commercials, “takes a lick’en, and keeps on tick’en.” Muchless my precious hubby’s stunning example of endurance. I love him so much; NEVER GIVING UP!!! So glad to find this sight!!! Thought was mostly alone in our battle out on our country ranch in NorCal. Love to you, and all.


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