Speed is the Issue

A brief update… and an explanation why I have been slow to write update posts recently…

My disease has really taken off into a much more aggressive form with a significant increase in symptoms. It has become pretty rough on both my family & me… I have been working 24/7 with both doctors and scientists on medical options since my last medical update and I am beyond excited to say that I think I now have a cutting-edge plan/option lined up on the near-term table (!!)

But my treatment flowchart changes every few days as my medical situation changes (why I haven’t written a treatment plans blog update). The one thing I unfortunately never planned for/anticipated was the speed of my disease taking off suddenly like this… which really hampers planning. It is driving the ex-project leader in me crazy I assure you! 🙂

It is like trying to navigate a ship to port while being buffeted by gale force winds from ever switching directions…  Hopefully we’ll be able to finalize next steps in the next few days and I’ll be able to share the plans then.

I have even more ideas on the table for the mid-term as immunotherapy clinical trial & experimental therapeutic options for MSS-CRC continue to rapidly expand!  I am convinced that there will be additional immunotherapy objective responses presented/published in 2017 via novel approaches for MSS-CRC!  There is every reason for our community to be hopeful of steady advances!

Thank you for the incredible support I have gotten from all directions – it really does mean a lot!  I remain positive because of the planning I and collaborators have done – I think I now have the ideas and resources lined up for cutting edge next steps if we can get my disease stabilized! Now, all I need is time… 

To Life!



26 Comments on “Speed is the Issue

  1. I will choose to believe that the gale force winds and everything they bring will be nothing more than a minor distraction, and that you will get your ship to wherever it needs to be …

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  2. Praying you get what you need soon. My husband is an engineer and I am the patient. The loss of control is driving him nuts. Having been flexible for his career for 41 years and 15 moves actually has helped me with this journey. Who knew? So we use his research skills and my patience.


  3. Sending you love. If anyone can do this, you can. You are important and you are loved. “Come on God, give this man more time!.” That is my prayer.


  4. what are the new symptoms?
    on my way to hear about new trials in florida…


  5. So many of us are anticipating good news of your plans. You are blazing new trails. We are with you!


  6. Thanks for the update, Tom. Sending you positive thoughts and vibes to weather the storm.


  7. Thank you Tom for the inspiration and upbeat attitude you have shown all of us through your journey. My husband was much the same and his ship is now sinking at Hospice House. He fought a great battle and doggone it, these new therapies did not arrive in time for him. That being said, if it weren’t for you and the links you provided on your blogs, he would have sunk a long time ago. It finally came down to the doctors treating him a like a ping-pong ball and nobody but ourselves were screaming to get him into some of the trials and experimental drugs at the end. I’m not mad at them so much as I’m upset at the whole health care/governmental system denying and blocking people the chance to continue their fight and wills to live as they choose. It really shouldn’t be the government’s choice. God bless you Tom.


  8. The universe is a better place with you in it! You bring hope to us all. My sincerest wishes for your imminent victory!


  9. We are praying for you Tom and for everyone who is in the trenches fighting this incredible fight. God Bless!


  10. Thank you so much for your updates. Sending you prayers and best wishes. You are great!

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  11. Tom you are a super hero to many. You have enlightened us, fought for us, and led the way for us. I’ve been thinking about those planes on the runway. And what happens if they pivot; maybe a 180, maybe a little more, a little less. Maybe the flight plan is more like a startup – focusing on outcome and less on the process. Every moment of every day you are the captain. Praying for outwit,, outplay and outlast.


  12. Tom you are such inspiration for so many of us. Stay strong we are all praying for you and feel optimistic you will beat this


  13. Hi Tom. Sorry that you’re going through a rough time. Praying for speedy ingenuity from your doctors and researchers. Hang on tight.


  14. Tom, you embrace life like few I’ve ever seen and I’ve been dealing with advanced cancer for 23 years and have met so many remarkable people. I pray, by which I mean I “see you” just as I did on Charlie Rose; a man full of life, always concerned for others even when facing hard difficulties of your own. A man of humor, happy to be in New York where no one notices tears of pain as you walked to the hotel. I see your focus and its full of love. It’s what you do. To life! Bill

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  15. Tom,
    As a true fan and faithful believer in a cure, I send my prayers that you and your doctors will find a successful treatment!! To Life!!


  16. Tom, Your strength and tenacity are never ending. Your family must be so proud. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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  17. Tom, I’ve followed your story for about 2 years now. You are an incredible person and an inspiration to those of us who deal with cancer in our lives. I know this will sound ‘off base’ but have you considered looking into the benefits of medical marijuana / THC/CBD therapy ? I’ve been particularly struck by a writer on Cancercompass . You might be interested in reading her posts . https://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,86141,0.htm


  18. So sorry for the recent speeding up, Tom. I’ll hope for you along with all your readers! Thank you for your long and cheering efforts in this struggle. I’m “terminal” too (with another type of cancer) and am lucky enough to be undergoing immunotherapy. Just saw the PBS segment with you. Very inspirational. Thanks you!


  19. Tom, I have said this before and know its coming from my innerself, the personalization of truth coming out. I wish I could bottle up all my tears and fears for those suffering and make a ‘potion’ and give it back to those that need it and so I could take on the cancer to myself and let them fight on for us, like you do.


  20. I’m wishing for you the best outcome, one that people will scarcely believe when you tell about it later on!


  21. Tom, my sister is also stage IV MSS… Please ..please hold on to life and believe in defeating this terrible disease!!
    Your strength and positive persistence give us all hope !! and I bet there are thousands of us here around you, invisibly tied to you, in this tough fight against cancer !
    Please keep the positive energy leading !


  22. Are you still pursuing MEK inhibitor cobimetinib + the PDL1 inhibitor atezolizumab? I think this has a good chance for at least for significant delay for other treatments.


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