A Newsweek Magazine Wow

All I could think to myself was “WOW”! 

Similar to my Charlie Rose Show experience last March, this email came out of the blue as well… I received an email from Fight CRC a few weeks ago that Newsweek Magazine wanted to do a story about our Late Stage MSS-CRC Trial Finder and my advocacy.

I was floored!

To have that level of readership (which will include many CRC patients, caregivers, family members and friends) hear about our trial finder is an incredible opportunity to help a lot of people at once!

I quickly said yes to the interview request and a short while later I was interviewed by phone.  I was told it would be one of the feature articles in a special “cancer issue” in late July.  I wanted to tell people (I was pretty excited!) but just in case the interview ended up on the cutting room floor, I kept my Facebook typing fingers under control…

A few weeks later another unexpected email arrived from the reporter… they now wanted to take my photo. For the COVER. gulp.

I was floored (#2)!

At this point we were working on tight timelines.  They had to come to the house to take the photos on a chemo week.  So I had chemo on Monday, the photoshoot on Wednesday. It was definitely an interesting experience, luckily I had practice from my Colon Club photoshoot two years ago!  Over the course of a couple hours they took hundreds of photos – both portraits for the cover and shots from around the house/yard for the story.

I was running on pure adrenaline (with maybe some residual steroids in me from my chemo infusion!).  My main goal?  Not have any diarrhea hit before the photoshoot was done.  I’m not sure how often that is the main concern of  someone being shot for the Newsweek cover but it sure was for me!

The story has been posted online here.  I think the reporter did a great job of it!  The print edition lags behind the online edition by a few days, I think it will hit store shelves approximately Monday-Tuesday (July 24/25)!

2017-07_Newsweek Cover_Full

Looking at the cover, I have to say that I LOVE the headline and tagline 🙂 “CANCER REBELS – Patients, Doctors, and Activists Breaking Rules to Save Lives”  Note: it says “rules” and not “laws” so no, a federal prison is not a current risk of mine! 😉  It is true though – in order to make BIG impacts on any field – things that really move the needle – often a rule or two needs to be broken.  When it comes to potentially saving a fellow cancer patient’s life – I never had/have any doubts on where I come down in that ethical question.

It is interesting… as my advocacy projects gain notoriety, increasingly larger media outlets are doing stories on them.  What is larger than Newsweek magazine?  I don’t know!  But what I do know is that a lot of good is coming out of this ever increasing publicity.  If there is just one patient that is helped by reading the Newsweek story – that is a huge success.  Imagine the ripple effects in that patient’s social network as the help (and HOPE!) sweeps through his or her family… friends… you name it.  And with a magazine like Newsweek – it is going to be a lot more than one patient who will be helped.  It is mind boggling to imagine the potential size of these ripple effects!  Wow.

To Life!



12 Comments on “A Newsweek Magazine Wow

  1. Tom,
    Thinking outside is where it is at, The cancer cure is probably so simple we can’t see the forest for the trees. I am a stage four five year survivor who has learned today that my treatments have to be ramped up. Slash and burn are not cures.


  2. Tom, I am so proud to call you a friend and that your research has been so successful for so many people. ♡ HOPE


  3. There’s a larger purpose to your life, Dr. Tom. Beyond your family, friends, colleagues, etc. I am so grateful you heard the call and ANSWERED. 🙂 Thank you!


  4. Congratulations Tom,you hero you!You really are a great example of human goodness and nobility.I admire you so much .


  5. I can’t thank you enough for all you do to help myself and others….this recognition is well deserved…..and yes…just imagine how far reaching this magazine will go…thank you Newsweek for recognizing our friend and hero💗


  6. Congratulations on being recognized for your life’s work. My husband and I are so grateful. He still refers to you as “the guy with the trees”. Met a goal by visiting the trees last year. Found a card for his birthday that thanked him for planting the trees. If we never meet face to face please know you have had an impact on us. PS. Husband is noted expert in aluminum metallurgy but not great at biology research.


  7. AMAZING! I am so happy that your goals are being fulfilled RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES. You’re the coolest 🙂


  8. What an accomplishment, thank you so much for devoting your life and sharing your life with all of us. I wish we had found you earlier. My son is 28 yrs. old, and shares so many of the same scenarios as with your disease, although he is only 1 year in of diagnosis. I wish he could correspond with you to realize that being proactive will go a long way in treating his disease progression. I will continue to follow you, as we are hooked now, and look forward to your continuing positive outcome and sharing the power of life with us all.


  9. Congratulations 🙂 This huge media coverage of your awesome work is the least normal response to your amazing efforts and dedication 🙂 please Keep going 🙂


  10. You are helping so many people worldwide whom you don’t even know, including me. Your example and your posts inspire me to be positive and help me overcome my stage 4C endometrial cancer fears. I am thrilled to see you featured on the mock-up of the upcoming cover. May you continue to reach out and inspire many, many people! You are a true leader!


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