Super Blink to the Rescue!

This past week we welcomed a new member to the family – Blink! Like many good things in life, he chanced into our life without much warning.  I went out to breakfast with friends visiting from my Buffalo days and when I got home, Veronica said “I think I found a place we can adopt a dog same day!”

We had been searching for a dog for a couple months – a birthday promise to Amelie from the summer but we had struggled finding one.  The entire family jumped into the car enthusiastically.  When we got to the pet rescue facility in Rancho Sante Fe, we quickly made our way to its back where the dogs up for adoption could be viewed. Similar to how I met KD at the Buffalo rescue facility in 1995, there was an instant bonding between Amelie and Blink as soon as they saw each other.  We walked around the entire grounds but nope, he was THE ONE…

Amelie was the one who named him Blink.  She originally said Blank but that got switched to Blink ~immediately – it was a very appropriate name because one of his eyes is cloudy due to congenital glaucoma.


The drive home cemented the love between Amelie and her new dog Blink – really between the entire family and him. When we got back to the house he excited explored as only a 4-week old puppy can!  Within a few hours he had completely exhausted himself and fell asleep on his new couch…

He was exactly what the family needed when we needed it most.

Beyond the simple joys of bringing a pet into the home (I am a huge dog person as evidenced by: Maggie, Max, Alfie, KD and now Blink throughout my life!) there is something called “Animal-Assisted Therapy” in the cancer world.  Animals are wonderful for not only the patient but for all of the family & loved ones going through the cancer as well.  They provide a stable basis of constant unconditional love in a stressful ever-changing situation, they bring a sense of positive vibrancy to the house, they provide mental/emotional/physical comfort at all hours of the day (they seem to sense what is needed) and they are a wonderful positive distraction from thinking about and observing cancer 24/7.  They are simply wonderful additions to a “cancer family” for everyone involved.

Blink is no exception – I have been experiencing increased fatigue lately which has necessitated increased bedridden time.  During the school day, Blink naps on top of me giving me comfort and after school Blink is a wonderful playful distraction for Amelie and Eleni from focusing on seeing Dad in bed.

Super Blink to the rescue indeed – he was just what the doctor ordered for the entire family!

To Life!




15 Comments on “Super Blink to the Rescue!

  1. My eldest daughter brings me her dog each morning; they both bring such a warm joy to my heart. Just those pictures of Blink do that as well.

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  2. Dogs, cats, canaries or whatever pet you chose can and are some of the best friends a cancer patient, cancer survivor can have. I know, I have two cats which I absolutely adore…Here’s to Blink, your family and your optimistic spirit to life….CHEERS!!

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  3. Your new dog is so cute. Wish I could have one I’m a former walker 3,4 mi per day and huge dog lover but now am struggling with neuropothy due to chemo. Fighting the same as you are but have had not surgery only 6 mo of chemo. Hang in there I admire your courage to try things and enjoy that new puppy. Lots of cuddles and comfort. Smiles

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    • They have HUGE numbers of pets from Hurricane Harvey that need new homes – now is the PERFECT time for a new rescue pet if you are thinking about it!


  4. We are very happy for your new family member and, most especially, for you! What great support a companion animal can offer to the whole family. Thank you for adopting, especially adopting a special needs dog. =)

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  5. Hello Tom,

    Thank you for sharing a very special moment you recently enjoyed with your family and the group of followers I belong to. Blink is really cute and it is a wonderful idea. Your daughters must be very, very happy.
    As someone says in a previous comment concerning your post ” Positive sign or false hope?” there is a lot to share with you and with the group.
    I always read with care and attention all the comments made by the group. It is helpful.
    It teaches me what being positive means. It is a true attitude, not so easy to maintain. It only works if we put something in common.
    Have great time with Blink!


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  6. Hello! I came across your blog today and have read lots of posts … have felt very inspired. Am a 49 year old single mum who was diagnosed late – again no symptoms – stage IV, hipec, now chemo as there are nodules on my lungs. I have been very depressed and despairing, wanting to feel hope but much of the time not. Anyway. One thing that I wanted to ask – aside from your running and all the positive stuff you do (!), what other stuff do you do to keep yourself healthy, as it were – diet wise or supplements? Just really curious as chemo and surgery and all that stuff gives the body a real clobbering. Sara


    • Hi Sara – Thanks for the message, I am so glad my blog has had a positive impact on you! In terms of diet, in the past I have been a vegan with a secondary emphasis (even when not being a vegan) of avoiding all processed foods & having a whole foods diet instead but in recent months I have had cachexia with significant weight loss – due to that, I have relaxed my dietary restrictions to achieve calorie & protein intake in any way I can. Cheers, -Tom


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