Happy June 4th! (v.3.0)_Colondar Family

Details on my incredible experience at the Colon Club’s June 2015 Colondar 2.0 CRC Patient Retreat is at this link

The Colon Club is one of the largest CRC patient advocacy groups in the country.  It is they who sponsor the annual Colondar 2.0 retreat and much more.  Just a few of the things they do: 1.) Spread awareness that yes, CRC happens to young people under 50 (we are actually the fastest growing group of new CRC diagnoses!) 2.) Provide resources promoting screening/early diagnosis – early diagnosis = cures! 3.) Provide the patient online forum “Colon Talk” where patients (including myself!) can gather to give each other essential help, support and advice. 4.) Publish the annual Colondar 2.0.

Why is the annual Colondar 2.0 magazine important? I believe it is vitally important:  1.) By showing the faces of young CRC – which is essential because in most areas, a young CRC patient has probably never seen or met another fellow young CRC patient so he/she often feels alone… At least until seeing another face from their own generation in the Colondar 2.0! 2.) By giving inspiring stories to read of fellow patients not only surviving but THRIVING for emotional support and HOPE 3.) By providing many articles of important guidance for young CRC patients and those at risk – guidance they may have had trouble finding elsewhere.

The Colon Club has incredibly changed my life for the better and I know it has & will for others as well!  

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  8. How can I get this magazine? I have one treatment left this week. I could use the inspiration.


  9. I watched your interview on the Charlie Rose show tonight and was really impressed by your courage and knowledge of all aspects of the colon cancer scene, Tom.

    I wanted you to know that I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2010 (at the age of 48). In addition, I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy 2 so that added an extra peril to my treatment. My cancer metastasized to my liver in 2010, taking me to Stage 4. Luckily, my oncologist was pro-active and I underwent surgery that was successful. Between my surgery and chemo treatments, I have been cancer –first for almost seven years now!

    I hope you keep staying positive and thanks for your continued research into solving the cancer conundrum.


  10. To Tom Marsilje

    I am a 40-year old Chinese patient of stage 4 CRC living in Hong Kong. I have been in this stage for six months. And I was advised that no surgery could be performed for my case. I went through chemical treatment for all these six months and lately I tried Maraviroc Tablets after reading a post of your friend. I am not sure whether or not I am the first Chinese CRC patient to try this but it is likely that I am the first one here in HK. I wish to contact you but failed to find your e-mail. I’ve taken Maraviroc for more than a month and have a few questions to ask. I would be much apprciated to have your reply.


    • Hi Clement – we can discuss via my blog. I recommend you post questions as comments on my “maraviroc” blog post to keep things organized.
      Take care,


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