This page is an edited excerpt of my longer post “WORLD IN MY EYES (FAVORITE POSTS OF 2015)” https://adventuresinlivingterminallyoptimistic.com/2015/12/17/world-in-my-eyes-favorite-posts-of-2015/

Needles in an Intimidating Haystack

A relatively small cadre of family/friend/co-worker readers have been with the blog from the start but I’ve had many new readers in recent months Looking at my “Most Recent Posts” list on the right side/bottom of the page – there are >50 of them.  I think that must be intimidating to new readers – if a current post brought them to the page and they are curious to read more, where to start???

As a writer who consciously has “a cancer story I want to tell”, I didn’t like the fact that my new readers who wanted to read more posts didn’t have a clear idea of which posts to focus on first. As a writer who has a strong emotional connection to my writing, there are also some posts which are especially close to my heart – and my heart wants to share those posts with as many people as possible and not have them get lost as needles in the proverbial haystack!

So taking this opportunity to close out & sum up both a simply incredible year (the most exciting & fulfilling year of my life!) as well as my first year of blogging (my first ever stab at creative writing, with my first blog post “Taking the Latest Treatment Plunge” published on January 13, 2015), listed in the pull-down sub-page “2015 Fav. Posts” and linked here are my personal Top-20 (10 & 1) favorite posts from 2015, listed in chronological order.  At the end of 2016, I’ll do the same thing for that year – hopefully continuing this yearly for MANY more years to come! 😉 

Since my posts refer to each other and since this blog chronicles my current journey through cancer – I think reading posts in chronological order is ideally the way to go. Yes, some of the info is dated – but all of it was important in shaping the patient-scientist-advocate you see and hear today.

I hope even long time readers are enticed to re-read some of these key posts, they really do offer a succinct snapshot of the incredible 2015 I lived and experienced. Sadly, some posts I really like had to be left out (e.g. “A Tale of Two Scans” & “List on Request Only” I’m looking at you!) unless I wanted to make this a “Top 50 posts of 2015” list 🙂 – but all posts will continue to be archived on the site for anyone wanting to binge read! 🙂

To new readers: in a nutshell these posts are the story of a formerly introverted scientist, who unexpectedly became an extroverted patient-scientist-advocate by nervously sticking his toe into the blogging waters for the first time in January, 2015. 

And from my viewpoint, something very unexpected and positive happened.

I’m glad I not only stuck my toe in but eventually made the leap of Faith to dive into the deep end.

THANK YOU for reading and joining me in seeing the World In My Eyes. Across 108 countries and counting (added Gibraltar today!), we are all interconnected together on this long strange trip called LIFE.



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