I wanted to give an update – both in how things have been going and also what my next plans are (hint: I have to arrive at the hospital for a surgical biopsy at 6:30 AM today!) Looking Backward Compared to last winter and spring (OK, compared to last month!), I find it hard to accurately describe how much things have turned around, how good things are going relative to before and… Read More

Wow. What an incredible week it has been… I am tearing up now just thinking about it as I fly home from New York City (NYC) to my home and my family in San Diego. A lot of people have been wondering how I have been doing since the last medical update (In Case of Emergency Break Glass).  It is hard to believe that it has been almost a month since that… Read More

Pain. I’ve been very fortunate over the past over 4 ½ years since my cancer diagnosis.  I had some pain immediately before my diagnosis from my primary tumor but ever since that surgery in June 2012, I have lived a pain-free life.  Except for an occasional cough in-between treatment regimens, zero symptoms of cancer. Sure I have chemo side effects to deal with, especially when I switched over to Full Fury (oops… Read More

The CT-guided lung biopsy mentioned in my previous post was completed today at the University of Michigan without complications! It is intended to provide both DNA and RNA sequencing data for my personalized immunotherapy project – so I was bouncing with excitement when I entered the CT-scanning room this morning. I was surprised on the table to find out I would be wide awake for the entire procedure.  That + starting to picture the… Read More

In many ways 2015 was the most incredible year of my life. Over 3 years into a currently incurable Stage IV colon cancer diagnosis, that phrase says a lot.  Of course, the most incredible moments in my life were my kids’ births and my marriage day.  But in terms of almost continuous meaningful things happening….. as a year, 2015 took the cake. I had ZERO guess that any of this was coming… Read More

Medically it has been an eventful 7 days – I had not one but two different very important CT-scans: one in the ER, the other scheduled to check the success of my August lung surgery and current Erbitux treatments.  If you remember my previous post about the end of the runathon, I mentioned that my lungs had been giving me some trouble. I wrote: “Purely from a health perspective, even though I… Read More

Just a quick update that my radiofrequency ablation (RFA) lung surgery #2 this morning was a success!  It looks like another two lung tumors were successfully fried to a crisp – one more step forward on the overall therapeutics + surgery treatment path I wrote so excitedly about last week!.  I’m determined to enthusiastically attack this disease from multiple directions – as the nurses in pre-op saw bright and early this morning 🙂… Read More

I’m thrilled to let you know that my surgeon has agreed to give me another Lung Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) surgery on August 27th! The second half of this post focusing on the Postive Power of Hope is quite meaningful to me & the meat of the post, so I hope you decide to read that far in!  He hopes to remove another 2-3 more tumors.  I already wrote extensively a few months ago on what the… Read More

My lung radiofrequency ablation surgery went very smoothly today – easy peasy! The excellent interventional radiology surgeon blasted the largest tumor & also retrieved tumor tissue for genetics. He “thinks” he got enough biopsy tissue for both tumor Whole Genome Sequencing and RNA-Sequencing but crossing fingers – we’ll see… I’m a little sore but really not too bad at all… It just feels like I have been bench-pressing (too much 🙂 )  BY… Read More

Just a brief update that my lung radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedure is happening tomorrow (Thursday) at noon!  I posted the details describing the procedure previously here.  Assuming there are no complications like (a pretty rare) collapsed lung (blah blah blah), it will be a single-night hospital stay and I expect to be recovering at home on Friday & back to work on Monday! I’m VERY EXCITED to be doing this – going on… Read More

At the end of my previous “A VERY GOOD DAY ON THE BATTLE FRONT! (CT SCAN RESULTS ET AL)” post I mentioned that with my good CT scan results:  “I’m fighting on one battle line & I won a battle today”.  As a direct consequence of that scan, I and my medical team have decided it is now time to open up a new battle line of direct attack. But first, I… Read More


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