Just a quick update on run sponsorships for the non-profit CRC charity for The Colon Club : This morning I received a VERY generous pledge match offer: ALL RUNNING PLEDGES WILL BE DOLLAR-MATCHED up to a $2500 cap! WOW! So a quick & easy way to double-your pledge impact & the impact of your blog link shares to others! Please see the link below for details on my running fundraiser for my CRC… Read More

As most of you know, I became a distance runner (for the first time in my life) after my cancer diagnosis.  I loved it!  It was mentally cathartic to have that time alone in thought, I achieved a “runners high” and there are a number of studies showing the beneficial effects of significant physical exercise after a CRC diagnosis including in Stage 3 patients (my original diagnosis) for example here and here.  I… Read More

My lung radiofrequency ablation surgery went very smoothly today – easy peasy! The excellent interventional radiology surgeon blasted the largest tumor & also retrieved tumor tissue for genetics. He “thinks” he got enough biopsy tissue for both tumor Whole Genome Sequencing and RNA-Sequencing but crossing fingers – we’ll see… I’m a little sore but really not too bad at all… It just feels like I have been bench-pressing (too much 🙂 )  BY… Read More

Just a brief update that my lung radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedure is happening tomorrow (Thursday) at noon!  I posted the details describing the procedure previously here.  Assuming there are no complications like (a pretty rare) collapsed lung (blah blah blah), it will be a single-night hospital stay and I expect to be recovering at home on Friday & back to work on Monday! I’m VERY EXCITED to be doing this – going on… Read More

A person’s “Cancerversary” stirs up a lot of emotions and every patient approaches it differently – but it is never forgotten.  For patients who had their cancer caught early & cured – it is a date that may remind them of hitting the state of absolute terror, only to be redeemed and saved.  For Stage IV patients it is even more complicated, since it is the date when most of them were… Read More

At the end of my previous “A VERY GOOD DAY ON THE BATTLE FRONT! (CT SCAN RESULTS ET AL)” post I mentioned that with my good CT scan results:  “I’m fighting on one battle line & I won a battle today”.  As a direct consequence of that scan, I and my medical team have decided it is now time to open up a new battle line of direct attack. But first, I… Read More

Just a quick post to say that the “Spring Sprint” Team Triathlon (my participation was organized by UCSD Moores Cancer Center) was a great experience this morning!  Patient/Moores Cancer Center triathlon teams have been organized for years now and I think it is a wonderful experience for everyone involved! A big part of being a cancer patient is trying your hardest to not give up in the face of adversity.  In that way… Read More

Scanxiety noun : the tension which builds, particularly among those who have or have had cancer, as they move towards their regular checkup scan. All cancer patients approach scan days differently.  I have friends that get so nervous approaching a scan they literally have to take anti-nausea medicine. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I have friends that manage to stay quite sanguine as their scans approach.  Still others are simply… Read More

After coasting yesterday and letting Tami Boehmer do all the writing, I figured it was time for me to write a real post since it has been a while.  I’ve already written about the science behind my anti-EGFR therapy here.  I think what I wrote is already a fascinating scientific story and hopefully it becomes even more so in the future after I see how successful my current experiment has been… 😉… Read More

If you have hit the link to the “Favorite Cancer Books” page in my blog, you know I am a big fan of both of Tami Boehmer’s books: “From Incurable to Incredible; Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds” and “Miracle Survivors: Beating the Odds of Incurable Cancer”         Tami writes about specific Stage IV cancer patients that have dramatically outlived their initial prognosis (including herself!), often overcoming unique situations… Read More

Just a quick update on my anti-EGFR Therapy… I just got back from my Oncologist  appt.  He was downright giddy happy/excited to see the scope of my EGFR rash! 🙂 Oncology drug side effects are graded on a scale of 1-4 (well, technically a scale of 1-5 but 5 equals ….. let’s not go there.) My rash is officially “Grade 2” which is EXACTLY the “sweet spot” I wanted to be in… Read More

I had a (relatively 🙂 ) quiet week, so I wanted to take the opportunity to  write another “Common Question Answered” post to try to explain in easily understood language the new treatment I recently started for my CRC (an anti-EGFR therapeutic antibody called cetuximab).  I’ve found that there is a real curiosity among both fellow patients as well as the general public to understand why certain drugs are used for cancer therapy,… Read More

I plan to cover a range of topics in this blog including treatment/medical updates, exciting scientific progress/breakthroughs (explained for the lay reader 🙂 ) and also answering some common “curiosity questions” that I suspect many people have — based upon the number of times I have been asked already.  Cancer is very much a six “four-letter” word – so I know many people are uncomfortable asking certain questions, even if they are… Read More

The main reason for our family vacation to Park City, Utah was to give Amelie & Eleni the experience of “fun in the snow” that Veronica and I had growing up back East before moving to California.  There was a side aspect to the trip though.  It was the final week of my 3-week Christmas /vacation/Eleni’s 4th birthday chemo break – upon return from Utah, I knew I would be facing tough… Read More

Hi Everyone! After my Stage IV diagnosis I had told you I would stop sending out regular medical updates by email – and instead only give updates when asked. What I didn’t realize was how many people cared & were curious to know the latest news on me but… found it difficult to ask me for an update.  I have since discovered that this discomfort in asking (& the ensuing not knowing… Read More


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