First of all, sorry that this post has been delayed so much!  Last year I was able to write up my ASCO post with almost no delay but unfortunately this year my personal medical situation intruded (a little thing called trying to save my life with the June 1st Y90-SIRT)!  So here it finally is, delayed by about a month! What do I think was the biggest MSS colorectal cancer presentation and clinical… Read More

>1,000 Hits… my mind was blown away.  My cancer had returned and I was now diagnosed recurrent Stage IV.  I knew at that moment that standard of care therapies would only buy me so much time – I would need to have Clinical Trials in my treatment plan.  Being a planner, I immediately started to search the main database of clinical trials, to see what trials were possible, to start making… Read More

In the immortal words of our most recent Nobel Prize Laureate Bob Dylan , the times they are a changin’…  This morning I will be having my final Full Fury (FOLFIRI) chemo infusion for the foreseeable future.  A chemo cocktail that I first had the joy of encountering way back in 2012, and after restarting it, have been doing continuously (minus some #CannonballLife breaks) for the past 12 months.  Restarting FOLFIRI last… Read More

As I promised in my last post “Czech Please!” it is now ASCO season, so be prepared for a science post…  This one is a little hardcore – but bear with me, I tried to keep unessential scientific details to a minimum and as the title indicates (major spoiler alert!), I think it has a very important message! One, with my eyes misting up a bit, I have been yearning to write… Read More

“Each patient’s cancer is unique and personalized – why shouldn’t their treatment be too?” My latest The Currently Incurable Scientist column for Fight Colorectal Cancer has published and it ended with the above quote.  The column discusses an area of cutting edge oncology research that I find absolutely fascinating: a type of experimental immunotherapy called a “personalized cancer vaccine”.  I already mentioned personalized immunotherapies briefly in my post “My New Year’s Vision of… Read More

As my most recent Currently Incurable Scientist column began: On December 2, 2015 a remarkable meeting took place. Jointly organized by Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) and the leading immuno-oncology organization the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), an unprecedented meeting gathered many of the world’s leading experts on both CRC and immuno-oncology. Top scientists devoted to CRC research sat around the same table together for the first time to discuss what is needed… Read More

My most recent The Currently Incurable Scientist column published this week on the Fight Colorectal Cancer  website.  It explains in layman’s terms the mechanism of action & the very unique and promising preliminary clinical profile of an experimental drug called “RRx-001” in early clinical trials including a randomized Phase 2 trial (NCT02096354) for metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC). As usual, I wanted to use my personal blog not to simply repeat the information in… Read More

I wanted to expand the normal scope of my personal blog in today’s post. Not just for the sake of expansion but importantly because I believe strongly in today’s topic!  After a bit of introductory science, I will be profiling two fellow CRC patients currently in immunotherapy clinical trials – to illustrate the preliminary signs of immunotherapy success of checkpoint PD-1 pathway inhibition in a significant percentage of patients with MSI-high CRC…. Read More

The September edition of my monthly The Currently Incurable Scientist column has published on the Fight Colorectal Cancer website.  It briefly discusses in layman’s terms the profound roles chronic inflammation is believed to play in cancer patients, including: Direct impacts on facilitating tumor growth & spread Impacts on helping tumors evade and hide from the immune system making the tumor immunologically “cold” Systemic effects on the patient’s body including e.g. loss of… Read More

The first “science” column of my new patient advocacy writing project “The Currently Incurable Scientist” on the Fight Colorectal Cancer website has been published! As I discussed in the last post – I am really looking forward to using this new monthly column to fulfill one of the original goals for my personal blog: to discuss the science behind new treatment strategies approaching or in clinical trials – to help shed light on the world… Read More

There is no new medical news to report – which in the case of someone with Stage IV cancer is a good thing!  I’m continuing my weekly Erbitux infusions (with appropriate Mad scientist amendments 😉 ), the side effects are manageable,  my new runathon for the Colon Club is off to a great start and I continue to feel great!  The next CT scan to confirm things are continuing to go well is… Read More


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